We had a packed house at Distilled this year! Thank you to everyone who came for supporting our work and making the party a great time! Read about this sellout, nature-filled fundraiser in New York Social Diary and check out the wetland inspired photo booth pictures! We were also been featured in Annie Watt's Through the Lens column in New York Lifestyles Magazine!

We hope to see you next year! For now, check out our upcoming events, above, and please consider making a donation to support our work.


Karen Brown
Julia Robbins
KC Sahl
Andrew Wallach


American Beech
Andrew Wallach & Peggy Y. Yannas

Flowering Dogwood
Adrian Benepe & Charlotte Glasser
Julia Robbins
Shika Saraf & Sumit Choudhury
Stacy Sonnenberg
Carter Strickland & Nicole Geuron
Ted Wolff & Anne Clarke Wolff

Karen Brown
Susi Cahn
Katy & Greg Carey
David Langer & Mara Einstein
Sarah R. Moros & Ram Subramanian
Clare Peeters
KC Sahl & Paola Zanzo
Marc & Robin Wolpow

Matthew Ahrens
Hunter Armstrong & Jay Meisel
Sarah Charlop-Powers & Dani Simons
Jeff Gracer: Sive, Paget & Riesel
Bram Gunther & Amanda Bayley
Kathryn Heintz
Max Joel & Alisa Wellek
Grace Lee
Karen McQuiston
Clark Mitchell & David Lapham
Nerissa Moray
Frederic C. Rich
Eric Schneider & John Raskin
Bruce Wilcox