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Rising Urbanists Conference

The Natural Areas Conservancy’s Helen Forgione and Leila Mougoui will be at City College of New York’s Rising Urbanist Conference on Saturday, March 30.

Leila will be speaking about the NAC’s CUNY internship program and about the New York City Nature Goals 2050 coalition.

Helen will discuss the NAC’s work to develop climate-resilient planting recommendations for New York City’s forests.

Check out the registration link to learn more and see the conference schedule!

About the conference:

The Rising Urbanist Conference is a multi-disciplinary event organized around the landscape architect’s strategic and imaginative methods for collaborative problem solving. We are interested in highlighting better approaches to our city’s most pressing environmental problems and injustices by facilitating a series of conversations that are challenging yet productive. We imagine the potential for the urban forest as a key component and catalyst to drive urban design into the 22nd century, and to address the presence of socio-economic and health disparities, which touches every aspect of our work. This conference is a groundbreaking forum for the next generation of urbanist thinkers to organize around long-term planning strategies rather than disciplinary hierarchies.

March 30, 2019

9:00 am - 6:00 pm

City College of New York

Natural Area Conservancy