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Wetlands Management Framework

What is the Wetlands Management Framework?

Recognizing wetlands’ ever-increasing importance, the Natural Areas Conservancy and NYC Parks released the Wetlands Management Framework for New York City. This framework presents a bold new vision for the restoration and long-term care of New York City wetlands. The NAC aims to mobilize the city around this framework and seeks support to build investments, staff, and volunteers to save these natural areas.

Based on extensive field research, and building on decades of work by NYC Parks, this 30-year plan presents the first-ever vision for the continued protection, restoration, and care of the city’s last remaining wetlands.

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Plan detailsThe Wetlands Management Framework goals are…

By the 2050s, predicted sea-level rise will drown many of NYC’s remaining wetlands — unless action is taken now. The Wetlands Management Framework identifies dozens of NYC wetlands under greatest threat, and proposes numerous new projects to protect them. It sets out a vision for a city that’s more resilient against climate change, and where New Yorkers can escape to wild, biodiverse green and blue spaces without ever leaving the five boroughs.

  1. Create new wetlands and allow space for wetlands to migrate as sea levels rise

  2. Transfer around 90 acres of publicly owned property to NYC Parks and acquire another 50 acres currently under private ownership to be managed as wetlands and buffers

  3. Dedicate funds for the capital restoration of 290 acres of salt and freshwater marshes

  4. Increase wetlands staff that actively manage wetlands and engage volunteers

  5. Remove plant species that choke waterways, reestablish native vegetation, and remove debris

  6. Expand community engagement to improve access and promote stewardship

Our actions and strategies

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