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Forest Management Framework

What is the Forest Management Framework?

A joint project of the Natural Areas Conservancy and NYC Parks, the Forest Management Framework for New York City is a strategic and comprehensive plan to bolster and protect NYC’s vital urban forests. It is the first citywide vision for this critical piece of infrastructure.

The plan is intended to guide restoration, management, and community engagement for 7,300 acres of NYC’s forested parkland. The 25-year plan includes the process, costs, steps, recommendations, best practices, and goals for forest management. It marks the culmination of six years of research, data collection, and analysis by the NAC’s scientists.

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Plan detailsThe Forest Management Framework goals are...

Once implemented, the framework will result in local urban forests that are healthy, provide recreation and enjoyment for all New Yorkers, and are fully supported financially.

  1. Reduce ecological threats and promote the healthy growth of native trees to ensure they are resilient to climate change and other stressors

  2. Provide safe trails in natural areas, help residents benefit from these spaces, and create opportunities for environmental education and good, green jobs

  3. Increase collaboration between land managers, galvanize an active community around forest management, and continue to guard against forest fragmentation and harmful development

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