About the Forest Management Framework

In 2014, we completed a citywide ecological assessment that evaluated the health of NYC Parks’ 10,000 acres of grasslands, forests, and wetlands in all five boroughs. Fieldwork was conducted in over 53 city parks and included information about native and invasive species prevalence, tree canopy conditions, soil conditions, and threats to our forests.

Using this robust data set and more than a decade of financial and staffing information from the MillionTrees program, we, in partnership with NYC Parks, have developed a 20-year management framework intended to guide the restoration, management, and community engagement of NYC Parks’ 7,300 acres of natural forests.

The resulting NYC Forest Management Framework communicates the process, steps, recommendations, best practices, and goals for forest management in NYC’s natural areas and will be published online and shared in April 2018.

Aligning Forest Management Frameworks Across New York City: Conservancy Engagement Program

Through a generous grant by the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, we are pleased to announce a Request for Application (RFA) for a 3-month program to provide data-informed guidance in forest management that stems from our citywide ecological assessment and analysis and our emerging Forest Management Framework to two NYC Parks Department-affiliated conservancies (non-profit organizations) from April 1, 2018 - June 30, 2018.

During the program period, NAC ecologists will communicate the process, steps, recommendations, best practices, and goals for forest management developed by the FMF directly to these organizations. The selected conservancies will receive scientific support, training, data tools, resources, and management recommendations from the NAC during an intensive three-month period. The iterative process of presentations, discussions, and trainings will culminate in specific management plans for each conservancy.

Learn more and apply here.