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Torrey Botanical Society Field Trip: Tour the Wilder Side of Marine Park

We will explore the “wilder” western side of the park. Marine Park is the largest city-owned park in Brooklyn at 798 acres. Over half of the park is comprised of coastal forest, grasslands and salt marsh. Significant investment by NYC Parks and the US Army Corps of Engineers over the last decade have restored vital habitat to the eastern side of the park and to White Island, a man-made island in the mouth of Gerritsen Creek.

The western side of the park (133 acres) contains similarly important natural resources; however it remains highly-impacted and at risk of further degradation due to destructive uses. Maritime Shrubland and Successional Maritime Forest habitat, dominated by sumacs, black cherry, bayberry and groundsel flourish in pockets and represent a unique forest type in NYC. Other sections of the site, however, are dominated by invasive species such as black locust, Asiatic bittersweet, Phragmites, callery pear and mugwort.

Directions: Meet at 10:00 AM at the corner of Gerritsen Ave. and Seba Ave. at the benches at the Seba Ave Skate Park. B31 bus stop.

July 30, 2016

10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Marine Park

Natural Area Conservancy