How We're Improving New York City's Trails

What is the NYC Strategic Trails Plan?

The Natural Areas Conservancy and NYC Parks are currently developing the NYC Strategic Trails Plan — an in-depth roadmap for the formalization and maintenance of a network of hiking trails in New York City’s parkland.

This plan aims to improve public access to the 10,000 acres of natural areas that exist throughout New York City. A citywide network of trails will offer recreational opportunities on underutilized parkland and will improve the condition of natural areas by encouraging positive use and reducing fragmentation.

The Plan Will Highlight:

  • The need and opportunity to more fully develop New York City’s trails
  • The investment required to make this possible
  • Opportunities for private investment and expanded volunteer engagement
  • Additional opportunities for partnership and coordination

For more information on New York City's vast trail system, including maps and visitor guidance, visit the NYC Parks website:

Get Involved With the Super Steward Trail Maintainer Program

The NYC Parks Super Steward: Trail Maintainer program is an initiative of the Natural Areas Conservancy and NYC Parks, with support from the New York-New Jersey Trail Conference.

Trail Maintainers are advanced, independent volunteers who receive training, tools, and resources that strengthen their efforts and enrich their experience. Trail Maintainers learn plant identification, invasive plant removal, corridor pruning, and trail maintenance skills — along with a variety of other trails and natural area management practices.

Trail Maintainers contribute to the stewardship and maintenance of our nature trails, as well as the overall health of our diverse natural areas citywide.

How to become a Super Steward: Trail Maintainer

  1. Become a Super Steward
  2. Attend a Super Steward Trail Maintainer training
  3. Adopt a natural area trail in a New York City park near you
  4. Walk through your adopted trail with a member of the Citywide Trails Team
  5. Commit to the stewardship and maintenance of your adopted NYC natural area trail!